Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel – 8 refill pack

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8 Refill pack. For use with the original Advanced Teeth Whitening Device and kit.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is now available for use at home. The blue light activates the gel to help remove stains from your teeth. Apply the gel to the mouth plate as shown and use the blue light for 30 minutes. You will see results straight away and even better after 7 days then 14 days. try it for yourself. Remember individual results do vary, but stain removal is the aim of this teeth whitening kit. If you have really badly stained teeth it will help. If you have a tooth medical condition, see your dentist before proceeding. If you have tetracycline stained teeth, this product will help, but will not cure or fix your condition.

During your teeth whitening regime try using the teeth whitening strips as part of the program. If you want even better results, in conjunction with the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit, try our Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder for maximum results. It is available on this site.

How the teeth whitening kit works:

Advanced Teeth Whitening kit works by emitting a high strength blue light to activate the teeth whitening agent in the gel helping to dissolve stains on teeth. This is the primary way all treatments treat stained teeth.

8 Refill Pack Contains: 

This pack contains the following items:

8 x 3ml teeth whitening gel

This refill pack will suit one person for approximately 2-3 months of normal teeth whitening.

Uses approx 0.5ml per session per tray. Approx 6 trays per applicator. Approx 24 upper jaw and 24 lower jaw sessions per refill pack.

Weight 100 g


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